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  Raspberry Pi 3 vs Arduino Uno Rev3

Abstract:In this paper,we suppose the physical model of γχα bound.The velocity autocorrelation function and the mThe Arduino Uno and the Raspberry Pi 3 are popular choices when it comes to DIY, IoT, or just fun engineering projects. They can be used for prototyping and real-world engineering solutions (ie. Into the Blue using Arduino & Raspberry Pi boards for an underwater camera). If you are having difficulty finding which one to use for your project, let’s look at what each board offers.

Board Types

Both boards look similar, but they are each in their own category.

The Raspberry Pi 3 is a Single Board Computer (SBC). This means that the board is a fully functional computer with its own dedicated processor, memory, and can run an operating system (runs on Linux). The Raspberry Pi 3 includes its own USB ports, audio output, and has a graphic driver for HDMI output, showing how it can run multiple programs. You can even install other operating systems that include Android, Windows 10, or Firefox OS.

The Arduino Uno Rev 3 is a Microcontroller. Microcontrollers are not as powerful as SBCs, but they can be great for quick setups. Microcontrollers excel when controlling small devices (like LEDs, motors, several different types of sensors) but cannot run a full operating system. The Arduino Uno runs one program at a time.

Connectivity Abilities

The Raspberry Pi 3 can connect to Bluetooth devices and the Internet right out of the box using Ethernet or by connecting to Wi-Fi. The Arduino Uno cannot do that without a Shield that adds Internet or Bluetooth connectivity. HATS and Shields help with this.

HATs (Hardware Attached on Top) and Shields have essentially the same goal, adding an extra, or simplifying functionality. The HATs can be used on the Raspberry Pi 3, where some HATs include the Pi to control an RBG Matrix, add a touchscreen, or even create an arcade system.

The Shields that can be used on the Arduino Uno include a Relay Shield, a Touchscreen Shield, or a Bluetooth Shield. There are hundreds of Shields and HATs that provide the functionality that you regularly use.


The Raspberry Pi 3 also has an HDMI port, audio port, 4 USB ports, camera port, and LCD port, making it ideal for media applications. The Arduino Uno does not have any of these ports in the board (though some of can be added through Shields).ean-squre displacement of scattered particle under our physical model are studied.And the results of this paper is used in theortical research of dynamic light sacttering.The scatteded electrical field autocorrelation function of dynamic light scattering though γχα bound scattering particles is calculted.The results can been compared with results of experiment of dynamic light scattering and α value for different solution may been obtained.:γχα bound; scattering particles; dynamic light scattering

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